CHME Overview

BHT was founded to build and deploy an online global portal called the Community Health Multiplier Exchange (CHME) to empower communities to improve health, wellness and vitality by surmounting specific health related challenges. 
These include health literacy, nutrition, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases, mental depression and burnout. Many of these chronic illnesses are inter-related and/or exist as co-morbidities with one another.
The close inter-relationships of these chronic illnesses also involve essential and common behavioral changes. Improvements in health literacy combined with behavior change and ongoing medical care in any one domain can lead to improvements in other domains.
Knowledge gained by participants can be transferred to others, building momentum toward a tipping point to transform the health of individuals and the entire community.
The CHME includes a Visual Matching Engine (VME) linking all members, curated best practices, validated databases, and a suite of mobile apps and plugins developed by BHT and its affiliates.
The CHME portal is personalized, interactive, and intelligently self organizing to meet each community's own social health care needs. It is designed to serve as a personal non-clinical mentor and ally.
An example please see the CHME Initiative proposal for Santa Barbara County, CA: Vital Santa Barbara - CHME Proposal

How the CHME Works in Practice

The CHME process begins with small groups of 5-15 members where health gains can be rapidly delivered and a powerful multiplier effect produced.
A unique component of the CHME involves integrating evidence-based health literacy information with behavior and resilience skill building. The small group format provides a built-in support network for each participant which can extend throughout the community and beyond. BHT has developed a unique body of knowledge and practices for equitable, secure, HIPAA compliant trading, sponsorship, microfinance, and marketing based on the principles of a new field it originated called "Big Heart Intelligence®.”
The health successes of these small groups are staked by corporations, foundations, and venture philanthropists that have a financial and humanitarian interest in these enormously costly health challenges being effectively addressed.
Staked groups are rewarded for achieving specific health targets by Success Points secured by blockchain technology. Success Points are convertible into goods and services offered through the CHME; the process is inclusive, collaborative, and compassionate. The more the participants help others to increase health, the more Success Points they can earn.
Each new team has the benefit of the accumulated knowledge and learning of the participants who went before. A 21st century concept of winning tilts the scales in favor of personal and community success.
Technically, the “transactions” of each participant are accounted for as “smart contracts” and rendered transparent using a special ledger recorded on the blockchain.
Success Points can also be earned by acquiring new skills as health leaders, advocates, community organizers, innovators, and entrepreneurs; in this way the CHME, linking communities around the world, can rapidly become an engine of new learning, job creation, and economic growth.
A deep and rapidly worsening problem of health injustice exists today in the U.S. and most other countries, where economically disadvantaged, minority, and vulnerable populations suffer most and die early. The CHME offers an innovative solution to leveling the playing field and providing a fair chance, while increasing the health advantage for all members of a community.
For more information on how your organization can benefit from the application the CHME and Big Heart Intelligence® please contact us.

CHME Portal Feature Set

The CHME is a comprehensive integrated resource for supporting evidence based health outcomes through social support and behavioral change. The CHME features support community member awareness, engagement and self organizing practices innovation.

The CHME Engagement Experience