CHME Assisted Self-Care for Diabetes Mellitus

CHME Diabetes – in collaboration with Sansum Diabetes Research Institute 

The Mayo Clinic and other leading medical centers have documented that behavioral changes and the development of a powerful physical, emotion, psychological resilience can positively effect health outcomes in the management of diabetes mellitus. The CHME addresses all of these essential elements in a coherent, collaborative, and compassionate way that enables individuals, families, teams, and the entire community to engage together in a way that produces positive health outcomes.

Action Plan for Behavioral Change 

  • Publicize best practices in English and Spanish. The CHME offers a simple description in plain language of the key elements, in a manner and style that is easy to comprehend and apply.
  • Deepen Community Engagement. All participants are connected in an online and real-world Visual Matching Engine which mobilizes community support for their heroic journey to effectuate essential behavioral change.
  • Gamify.
    • Further develop and refine Sansum’s existing app “Tu Puedes” that has already been demonstrated to support positive behavioral change.
    • Further incentive positive behavioral change by staked Success Points secured by blockchain technology.