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Preventing and Transforming Burnout into an Innovation Opportunity

AFD’s 90 Day Basic Burnout Prevention Program
Preventing Burnout in Health Care System Providers

The Costs of Burnout and Stress Among Healthcare Employees? The National Academy of Medicine has recently recognized the costs of burnout and stress among employees in the health care system is a significant component in a $300 billion global cascading problem, now being referred to as a “national crisis.” The Academy has launched a national collaborative to address the challenge.

Prospective longitudinal studies from the Mayo Clinic demonstrate that for every 1-point increase in burnout score, there is a 43 percent increase in likelihood a physician will reduce clinical effort in the following 24 months.

The experience from Atrius Health suggests that replacing a physician who retires early or leaves to pursue other career opportunities can cost between $500,000 and $1 million due to recruitment, training, and lost revenue during this time.  And there are other significant costs of burnout and stress, including increasing malpractice claims, reduced performance, and most significantly in deteriorating patient care.

Proposed Solution: The Program

The program would proceed in three stages. (In terms of length, the program is adaptable. There are several options that can be discussed.)

Basic introductory ½ day program, preparation and delivery of a Burnout Prevention Roadmap, based on interviews.

Ongoing Personalized Training and Coaching based on a unique synthesis of three systems of practice: Alliances for Discovery’s Big Heart Intelligence “10 Essential Moves to Burnout Prevention” with special emphasis on the cultivation of exuberant vitality and collaborative innovation. (; Adventures in Caring’s “Oxygen for Caregivers”; and Dr. Roger Jahnke’s “Circle of Life System”, and Master Li Junfeng’s Shen Zhen protocols based on taiji and qigong training for stress management for overly busy professionals.

Final Assessment and Continuing Enhanced Performance based on the Roadmap and further implementation based on Alliances for Discovery’s Intelligent Platform and integrated suite of apps.

Burnout Prevent Program Brochure

Profiles of Program Leaders


  • Burnout Prevention, Employee Retention, and Attraction of Superior New Employees.
  • Complete personalized training materials.
  • A suite of apps designed to support continuing enhanced performance and burnout reduction.


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