Big Heart Technologies, Inc.

BHT is a California Humanitarian Benefit Corporation (“B” Corp) established to develop an online evidence-based portal to empower communities to improve health, wellness, and vitality by surmounting specific health-related challenges through the application of humanitarian Big Heart Intelligence® methods, consultancy, analytics, strategy and management.
These include health literacy, nutrition, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases, mental depression and burnout. Many of these chronic illnesses are inter-related and/or exist as co-morbidities with one another. The close inter-relationships of these chronic illnesses also involve essential and common behavioral changes. Improvements in health literacy combined with behavior change and ongoing medical care in any one domain can lead to improvements in other domains. The knowledge gained by participants can be transferred to others, building momentum toward a tipping point to transform the health of individuals and the entire community.

Community Health Multiplier Exchange (CHME)

The global portal is called the Community Health Multiplier Exchange or "CHME.”
It includes a Visual Matching Engine (VME) linking all members, curated best practices and intervention programs, secure transactions, HIPAA compliant data collection, and a suite of mobile apps and plugins developed by BHT and its affiliates. The CHME portal is personalized, interactive, and intelligent. It is designed to serve as a personal non-clinical mentor and ally to address general health literacy, nutrition, resilience, diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer's, depression, burnout, substance abuse, and other health conditions that will benefit from behavioral change.

Why is the CHME unique?

  • Automates best practices for evidenced-based medicine, especially around health literacy and behavioral change
  • Incentivizes self-care and paying forward into communities by Success Points
  • Provides transparency and security for all transactions using blockchain technology
  • Systematically generates positive Multiplier Effects across a spectrum of linked illnesses and wellness opportunities
  • Creates a dynamic “center” between healthcare and social care providers

Big Heart Intelligence®

The new field of BHI is exploring the practical applications in science, technology, business, law, and the arts of cultivating the combined potentialities of the Heart, Brain, and Mind. BHI is a core life skill that anyone can easily begin to develop, validate, measure, and communicate to others. Because BHI supports positive behavioral change, it directly affects personal physical health. When BHI becomes part of the DNA of an organization’s culture, its beneficial influence touches every function at every level: leadership, strategy, product design, marketing, sales, alliances, innovation, human resources, and employee compensation. By aligning smart business with BHI, healthy organizations accomplish their missions, reward their stakeholders, nurture their employees, and contribute effectively to society.

CHME Horizontal Services


Health Literacy

The BHT Protocol begins with the making available the best information about healthy living and self-care practices. This is achieved through suggestions and routines that are easy to understand and apply that will substantially improve our health.



Food & Water

Food must be securely available, accessible and affordable. Is there enough supply, is it stable, is it nearby, is it culturally appropriate, is it nutritional? Is it helpful for preexisting health status? Is the water supply clean and unpolluted, and is there good sanitation?




Resilience is an integrative concept including physical (immunological and neurological), emotional, energetic, cognitive, psychological, and spiritual factors. Our programs help community members systematically build resilience across all these dimensions.



Caregiver Support

Uncompensated caregivers are critical for many chronic illnesses like Alzheimer’s, diabetes, Parkinson’s, and depression, and caregivers themselves are burning out. Burnout is a syndrome of profound exhaustion where vital energy, resilience, joy, hope, and sense of purpose are threatened.


CHME Vertical Services



Alzheimers is increasing. Communities face a looming medical, social, economic catastrophe in Alzheimer’s disease (AD). By and large these communities are woefully unprepared. The tragedy falls most cruelly on those least able to cope—the poor, minorities, and the most vulnerable citizens.


CHME for Obesity


Public Health costs to the U.S. of obesity in 2005 was $190 billion. In 2014 it was $325 billion and by 2022 it is projected to reach $555 billion. It is reversible, and there are now ways to manage obesity and its relationship to other chronic conditions, including weight loss, better nutrition, exercise, and beneficial hydration.




Diabetes Mellitus has a relationship to other chronic conditions. After understanding the basics, including avoiding too much sugar, nutrition that helps to control blood sugar, good hydration, exercise, and emotional well being. Untreated and unmanaged, DM can lead to many serious medical complications.