BHI Smart Collaborative Platform

The BHI Smart Collaborative Platform User Experience and Capability:

The BHI Smart Explorers Collaborative Ecosystem is developing an open innovation Platform and Codex, including a suite of foundational apps, including:  web-apps, third party platform application plug-ins, and mobile apps, which will enable intelligent collaboration while personalized to the interests of each explorer.

The foundational BHI Software Ecosystem consists of 5 complimentary apps:

  • Laughing Heart: A Field Guide toi Exuberant Vitality for All Ages: 10 Essential Moves
  • Explorers Wheel
  • BHI Diagnostic Audit
  • Social Proximity Navigator
  • Hybrid Organization Planning

In addition, this BHI core app suite will inter-operate with selected third party communication, chat and discussion apps, database apps (wiki), project management apps, and popular business social network apps and platforms.

With adequate sponsorship we anticipate Version 1.0 of the Platform App Ecosystem along with a first generation of practice Codex applications can be ‘beta’- released to members of the Explorers Community and business client customers 4th quarter 2017.

 How Will the BHI “Smart Radar Collaboration” System Work?

1. Getting Started— Template Explorer Space and Curated Feeds:

When a user clicks into any Explorers Wheel moon or realm, a sidebar will instantly appear presenting live and curated feeds specific to your designated overall focus of exploration (i.e. your personal journey) and your specific realm of interest. Before beginning your personal journey you are prompted to develop a personalized background profile protected by a transparent privacy policy (i.e. you have complete control over all personal data) that you can use to identify opportunities for collaboration.

2. The System Begins to Learn and to Provide Smart Feedback— Live Interactive Elicitation and Activity Feedback:

As you begin to enter textual or graphical notes, reference links, and even images into the workspace in your selected realm, the system begins to learn and to provide you with valuable links and other intelligence that is fine-tuned to your personal interests. This is accomplished by adding your entries automatically to the system’s dynamic learning engine. Explorers can fine-tune their preferences so that the most valuable intelligence is brought to their attention. More advanced apps will include a metric providing a ranking by the degree of trustworthiness and reliability of the intelligence.

3. Find and Engage with Compatible Explorers— Smart Dynamic Collaboration Alerts:

As you iteratively enrich (populate) your EW with your ideas and notes, annotations, and links, the system is continuously learning and analyzeing the information you add to your Explorers Profile, or your specific EW engagements, or your contributions to the Explorers Forum.  The system then automatically and selectively issues alerts relating to what other Explorers are thinking along similar or contrary lines. Once you identify other explorers with whom you would like to open a conversation, you can invite an engagement through a variety of online and offline means, including first contacts, introductions, chat, discussion forum, and specific collaborative contributions to the systems’ wiki knowledge base.

4. Setting Connection Preferences— Collaborative Prompting and Dynamic Mapping:

You will also be notified about other explorers of interest OUTSIDE the immediate Explorers Community whom you might find valuable to contact. Depending on how you set your personal preferences, this notification occurs as both a screen pop-up, smart feed alert, but also (see below). The feature expands similar features in social media platforms such as Linked-in. However, the dedicated and focused BHI Codex greatly amplifies the usefulness of these other social media platforms by its smart search capability.

5. Collaborative Availability Visual Search— Invitations to Collaborate by Graphic Displays by Proximity of Interest:

The system will provide dynamic graphical interactive 2D and 3D maps visually displaying degrees by proximity of interest to other Explorers. The displays are based on differing degrees of proximity to yourself or your team, reflecting with various criteria of your selection, such as: geo-proximity, time-proximity, background profile proximity, and much more.  For example, you might like to test your ideas against an opposing view, or enlist advocates for your idea, or connect with parties that can take your project to the next stage, or connect with fellow explorers and integrate your Wheels, or create a new Explorers Wheel based on a common interest. All these interactions will be greatly enhanced when instantaneously you see the proximity of connection.

6. Engagement Review— Retrospectively Harvesting Discoveries and Inventions:

Most people do not closely track, nor are they able to retrieve instantly their past discoveries, inventions, or innovations; or to connect, refine, or adapt them to present or future challenges; much less so, can they do this collaboratively with other members of a team. The BHI Smart Collaborative Engine is designed to automate this process so that it is optimally effective for the specific interests and needs of a wide range of users and applications.

7. Accelerating Breakthroughs at the “Intertidal” Zone—  Innovation Between Knowledge Silos and Between Emerging Game Changer Fields:

Most professionals are schooled to sharpen the mind by narrowing it. A premium is placed in academic and business circles on sharply focused vertical expertise. Although analytical specialization is important and useful, very often “innovation treasure” is found in cross-displinary fusion between vertical silos of specialization – the intertidal zone – and further compounded between new emerging game-changer fields of knowledge, science and technology.  The BHI Smart Collaborative Engine will continuously semantically analyze and compare both your Explorer content and outside online content at large to alert you to breakthrough ideas, references, and connections that are developing in the fusion zones between  disciplines, and issue “Intertidal Innovation Alerts.” This capability is enabled by identifying novel multi-disciplinary activity emerging in the novelty-rich disciplinary intertidal zones that can organically evolve within Explorer collaboration groups and also in the world at large.

8. Organize Collaboration Projects— Support for Project Managers, Alliances Managers, and Integrators: 

The system provides full project management support including calendaring, progress status, negotiation, outsourcing, Explorer circle tracking, next action prompts, engagement news feeds, resources banking, progress reports, and continuous automated smart coaching based on inquiries of team members.

Note: The system is based on and integrates an extensive body of intellectual property (IP) owned by the principals and licensed to AFD. This IP is embedded inproducts, services, methodologies, apps, and design specifications, most of which are already well tested, proven, and some are in early stages of commercialization