BHI Certification

When organizations and companies adopt Big Heart Intelligence (BHI) practices, they begin to upgrade their DNA to demonstrate higher BHI Vitality Quotient, and can earn and be awarded BHI Certification.  Once any organization or service or product qualifies and meets basic BHI performance, much like Green business certification or UL ceritification programs today, they become certified BHI entities.

BHI Certification Seal:

BHI Qualification

Many organizations and companies already qualify for BHI certification without needing to change anything at all, because they are already inherently and explicitly demonstrating Big Heart capacity, whether it be in the nature of their products, the markets they serve, the affordability they offer, the sustainability they support, the charity they support, and the positive customer impact they make. Many more organizations need to upgrade their DNA and practices and to exercise more Big Heart Intelligence.

BHI Diagnostics and Practices

Alliances for Discovery can help your diagnose its BHI practice and capacity through our BHI Vitality audits and surveys.  We help your organization, from the supply chain, to internal operations, to appreciate, reengineer, install and measure its BHI performance.  The BHI certification program helps your organization to enhance its brand identity to your customers. BHI goes beyond external CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programs and initiatives and works to infuse the principles and intuitive practice of BHI across all aspects of the conduct of your activity, from the organizations mission, to its staff, market partners.

Bottom Lines

BHI immediately starts to strategically and tactically benefit all your bottom lines – financially, culturally, and brand-wise to your customers and market identity.  This is not a facelift that will wear out, but a core DNA upgrade that will carry through the entire life and conduct of your mission of your organization and identity. BHI upgraded DNA produces measurable short and long term positive, beneficial impacts for your shareholders, your leadership, your team, your rank and file, and your partners, customers and overall market brand identity.

Certification System

The BHI Certification Program Project is a natural outgrowth of the BHI Vitality Quotient survey, diagnostics and audit programs that identify specific initiatives and practices that organizations can adopt to effectively upgrade their corporate DNA.

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